Meet the team


Mike Vibbert

President & Chief Engineer

Mike served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War where he became a nuclear reactor operator as a submariner. In the 1980’s Mike started consulting for the company in particular the EMP Authority for the Navy. In late 1985 he created Electronics Service where he developed some specialized equipment and began using his knowledge to protect the military from Electrometric threats.

For last three decades he has led the company by developing solutions and maintaining laboratories to further the missions of his clients.


Michael Jump

Principle Engineer

Michael began his RF Engineering career as an E3 Test technician at Special Projects Branch – NSWC Dahlgren Division. He participated as a test engineer on multiple EMPRESS I ship trials, located in the Solomon Islands EMPRESS I test facility where he met and worked with Mike Vibbert. He then advanced to become the Electromagnetic Pulse Radiation Environment Simulator for Ships 2nd Generation (EMPRESS II) Technical Director, EMP Branch – NSWCDD White Oak Detachment. As Technical Director he was involved in Full Threat
EMP trials of USS ANZIO as well as all other EMPRESS II trials. While working with AEGIS AAAs/Wallops ACSC  Michael was critical in the development of assessment methodology that is still currently in use today. He went on to be involved in HEMP protection for Naval Support Activity, Devesulu Romania.

Michael Currently provides Subject Matter Expertise (SME) support regarding High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) effects and shielding, as well as Nuclear blast and thermal ionizing radiation (prompt-gamma and neutrons) effects.

Travis Vibbert

Vice President/Project Manager

Prior to joining ES, Travis was a Business Systems Analyst providing contractor computer services to various large and small businesses. Travis and Mike met in the mid 70’s.

Travis began working with Mike in the RF field in 2004 performing Data Administration and Data Acquisition as well as filling the need of head programmer for the company. Travis has a knowledge of several programming languages and assists with the mission of ES.

Alan Smith

Design Engineer
and Subject Matter Expert

Alan started as a  Naval Nuclear Power School Instructor in the US Navy. After leaving the Navy, Alan became a civil servant working as a Metrology Systems Engineer for various groups. He and Mike met in the 1980’s and Alan worked for Mike on and off until retiring from the Civil Service. During this time, Alan helped develop several testing systems still in use today in the company. He devotes his time in the company’s labs developing and improving products, and occasionally, traveling to the test sites.