Commercial Services

Whether your organization manufactures small equipment used in much larger, sensitive end-use applications or provides critical power or services to other businesses and consumers, your business and reputation could suffer greatly due to unexpected Electromagnetic interference or disruption. Electronics Service can help to protect your business’s critical infrastructure and equipment keeping it up and running even through unexpected situations.


Electronics Service provides testing for almost any type of Electromagnetic specification including Military Specs (for a complete list of the Military specs we commonly test for visit the Fleet Readiness Support page). Our team not only tests equipment and systems but provides a comprehensive report detailing the results and suggested repairs. ES is capable of making these repairs onsite at the end-user’s location. We can also work with the manufacturer during the build phase to ensure critical equipment is protected during the installation process. These extra steps in the initial installation process can save a manufacturer several individual repair calls and the end user thousands in costs and unnecessary down time as well potentially even save lives.


For more information on how ES can help your business protect itself against Electromagnetic threats, visit the individual industry pages or contact us directly.