Electronics Service Products

Electronics Service designs custom equipment required to perform specification testing as well as to meet the needs of research performed within certain military facilities. We engineer and design products that meet the needs of the rapidly changing R&D environment. Although our products are often highly customized, the turnaround time is excellent and flexible to support our customers’ requirements.


ES equipment is accurate and designed to meet the specification required to complete client testing. We test, calibrate and recheck all our equipment to insure it meets all expected requirements.


Some examples of products that we have developed and delivered for customers includes:

Research and Development Products

  • Data Acquisition / Control Conex
  • PCI Pulsars for inductive coupling
  • Multiple dielectric test stands
  • PC 1800 for calibrating High Power Microwave systems
  • Numerous other deliverables



GRP20 -Installed Ground rod system with 20 ft of cable
4 rod grounding system (8 feet long) with 20-feet of grounding cable installed and tied together with grounding lugs. The system was installed and tested.


This is a AIGaAs LED mounted on copper heat sink with a 5×5 mm package


PS162012 Prototype Horn for RF
Custom built to design specifications as requested.


PS172012 Prototype Launcher for Horn
Custom built launcher to match Horn  per design specifications.


PS0912 Prototype Non-standard Electromagnetic Resonant Cavity
Custom built to specific frequencies and power design requirements.


ESDTENT-Environmental/Dielectric enclosure
15ft wide by 32ft long by 12ft high enclosure that will cover over test object and will not interfere with most RF testing.


ES1260BC-Ruggedize portable operated calibration/ tester for Low impedance test object
Display meter to read values in the field. It comes with its battery charger and its field carrying case. This equipment has an indicator when the battery is getting low.


PCI401P-PCI Pulsar

  • Removable battery
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Lighter weight than the “C” model
  • Available backpack option


Calibration of PCI 401 A/B pulsar traceable
Documented calibration traceable NBS to check and verify equipment operational base line and function.


ALW292P – 29-inch aluminum cylinder stand off
These are the 29 inch aluminum cylinder standoff for random structural support, these weight capacity is up to 1000 lbs. Designed in such a way to allow fasteners to either permanently  mount or temporary mount the units. This is a welded assembly and comes in lots of 20 each.


105080-Inductive Coupler 4.5″
This is a Pulse Current Injection coupler that is built to  a metal shielded housing that helps eliminate interference and increases durability. The Dimensions are thickness of 4 inches, inter diameter is 2.75 inches, and the outer diameter is 4.5 inches.


PCI3MES-Coupler Cable
A 3-meter cable that connects a 401A or B Electronics Service Pulse Current Injection Pulser to the Electronics Service Direct Injection Coupler. The advantage of the Electronics Service system is that the connectors are more rigid.


PCI3MF-Coupler Cable
This a 3-meter cable that connects a Fisher Pulse Current Injection Pulsar to the Fisher Direct Injection Coupler.


LI15785- Low Impedance Test Object -10 per pack
Low Impedance Test Object can be used with OpSens sensor.


SC10050 – Shipping Crate for Pulsar Equipment
Custom fitted shipping case for the PCI Test equipment ABS construction. Shipping Crate is airline friendly with wheels and stow away handle.


MB3E8-2D-2E3ATH – Battery Holder
High capacity Battery, custom built housing for specialized testing.


BC15676- Low Impedance test object with OpSens Sensor
The Instrumented inert blasting cap uses OpSens receivers to determine the change in temperature that occurs on a bridge wire. The test object needs to be provided by the customer.


BC15785- Calibration File for Low Impedance Test Object with OpSens Sensor
The calibration file is used for an accurate understanding of the temperature environment related to current on the wire.


W16123-Special Prototype Connector
Special prototype plug configured in the following configuration: A; B; C; D; E; F All configurations are associated to various prototypes under development.


102292-RF Conversion Package
Convert a 20ft by 8ft connex container to implement modification to enable portability.