Electronics Service has extensive experience in protecting ships against Electrometric fields and interference. ES can assist shipbuilders to ensure their ships’ equipment and systems perform to the required Military standards from the first day of commissioning. Our expertise can prevent excessive costs related to trouble shooting intermittent problems and replacing equipment that is not actually damaged but instead experiences unnecessary interference. By providing these services during the building phase, ES can ensure that the shipbuilders meet the Military standards and are compensated for delivery as soon as possible.


ES has capabilities that other companies cannot provide, including:

  • A large inventory of test equipment that meets the full Military Standard. This allows us to mobilize large teams to ships- shortening the length of time required for the project.
  • A proven testing, repair and verification of systems and sub systems throughout the life of the ship.
  • Onsite testing and repair – our team will go to the equipment to perform any necessary functions as needed.


ES works with shipbuilders during the installation of  wires penetrating the hull of the ship, then performing tests onsite to ensure Military Standards are complied with, or we can test all penetrations once the ship is completed to ensure Military Standards are met. If we find that there are areas not meeting the Standards, we will execute repairs onsite. ES will also provide a final report of all the passing data results.