Laboratory Research, Development & Design Services

Electronics Service, LLC (ES) has years of experience maintaining and servicing laboratories. ES’s Research Laboratory and Safety Services assist, monitor and provide oversite to ensure regulations and policies are implemented in laboratories in a safe and secure manner. 

Our services include: 

  • Experimental Design and implementation 
  • Data Gathering 
  • Field Mapping 
  • Programming 
  • Laboratory Logistics 
  • Material Acquisition 
  • Shipping 
  • Warehousing 
  • Inventory Control 
  • Workflow processes 

Our equipment requirements are generally derived from electromagnetic field theory. Once a requirement has been defined, we design an experiment to prove or disprove initial assumptions. If needed, our team will find specialized equipment and determine cost. If we are unable to identify a cost-effective source for the desired equipment, our engineering team has the capability to build the custom equipment necessary to implement the design.

  • Our experience in equipment design is vast. ES can design something as simple as a table-top testbed up to something as complex as a city street mock-up with buildings with supporting electrical systems.  
  • Once the equipment is designed and built, we put it to use. We use a blasting cap to expose materials to an Electromagnetic field, collect and process the resulting data, analyze the results and create a report of our findings and recommendations. 
  • Our services have been used by Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division and the Naval Research Laboratory; and our solutions have been used by Huntington Ingalls, Bath Iron Works, General Dynamics Information Technology, and Northrop Grumman.